All about Fortnite

All about Fornite
Welcome to the Fortnite world! In this survival game, teams of up to four players are formed who have to explore an universe that is not really indestructible. Players must gather resources and cooperate to build massive fortresses and incredible weapons, all to survive! After the mysterious cataclysm known as ” The Storm” that affects the entire planet, only 2% of the world’s population escapes from life, the tough survivors must fight to recapture the world not only from hordes of invading monsters but also from other survivors. In Save the World, you and your friends team up, and you have to fight with the waves of mutant monsters and rebuild the fortifications, while the enemy is doing all he can to destroy them. You can use poison arrows and automatic machine guns, dig pits to put down traps that keep the crowd of enemy monsters to respect. In Battle Royale, you take part in large-scale battles with nearly 100 players. You can fight alone or in a platoon of up to four players. Every player has a pickaxe that can be used to tear down or break pretty much anything in the game into raw resources. These resources can then be used to make structures, such as walls, stairs, doors, and a ton of other things.When you start the game, you fall from the sky with a wing suit and a parachute and land somewhere on the giant island tasked with finding items, guns, and ammo to defend yourself and take out other players. Of course, every couple of minutes, the map gets smaller, forcing all the remaining players to converge on a specific part of the map. This forces players out of hiding and ensures that the game will actually end, because eventually, the map gets so small that there’s not really anywhere to hide.On the way to victory, you will be forced to build things, look for weapons (from the simple gun to devastating rocket launchers), and shoot those who come in your way.