Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Some questions arise about this game, namely: when will it be released? Will it be available on the PC? Will there be Red Multi Online Multiplayer?

The original RDR appeared in 2010 and was one of the great successes of those generations of consoles. We hope Rockstar has decided that your PC will not be forgotten this time.

October 26, 2018 is announced as the release date of the RDR2 game, but also for consoles. This is a delay from the original release date of 2017. “An extra time is needed to make sure we can provide the best possible experience for our fans,” Rockstar Company said on the delay. “We are very sorry for any disappointment that causes this delay, but we are faithful in offering a game only when it’s ready.”

So far, RDR2 release date for the PC version is expected. Rockstar has made no mention of this. However, Rockstar may follow the same launch model they used for Grand Theft Auto 5, which was released a year and a half after the console debut. This means we can expect a RDR2 release in April 2020 which could be a sensible bet, but better later than ever.

But let’s try to continue the drama of the first game game that will be a very aggressive one, but it will give players a lot of freedom in a surprisingly detailed virtual universe. Well, it takes place in 1899, twelve years before the events of the first game. A transition period for America in which the Wild West is nearing its end. The game will tell the story of the “outlaws” Arthur Morgan and Van der Linde. Together with a band of villains, they try to survive in the wild west stealing, robbing and anchoring in a large number of attacks.

We know from the first game that the band was falling apart after a crazy robbery in 1906, so maybe the story in RDR2 will follow the consequences of that event or even the years leading up to where the Dutch Gang was the most active. The action is based on the trailer, which uses advanced technology at the beginning of the century, such as horses and carts, plus an older steam train.

Grand Theft Auto Online has been fantastic; and for Rockstar there is no doubt that they will seek to repeat this success with RDR2. We were waiting to see the open world of the story becoming a playground for many players with updates and periodicals.

The most important thing we would love to see again is heists, but this time with a late 1800s sensation. We are talking about gold thieves, train robberies, and hide-and-seek attacks. Imagine the fun of a multi-step attack on a freight train, redirecting the route before unloading goods on horses and losing you on sunset.

Yes, we would like Rockstar to innovate; we think of the idea of law and no law in the Old West. What about the idea of being able to choose a role: a bandit or a deputy head, each of which comes with a variety of unique activities to do, such as arresting characters or assassinating them, engaging in beatings in the bar or dismantling them. Perhaps a complete system with a constitution, where the law will arrest the bandits who want to take over the cities.

But we expect the launch day to come.

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