What the new PlayStation 5 game console will look like

What the new PlayStation 5 game console will look like

PlayStation, as you know, is a gaming console. It was launched by Sony in Japan in 1994. It has had many sales since then and has continued to create newer and more advanced models. This time, however, we are discussing the latest version to be released next year.

Well the Japanese company proposes to launch the newest console before Christmas in December 2020, so if you want such a console it is already necessary to put money aside because it will not be cheap. Some rumors say that this would be around $500, but the final price was not officially released. The design of the console will be very futuristic which will surely attract a lot of looks and will certainly have record sales due to its performance.

Other unofficial information states that the company could launch two models in the same period, that is, besides the Standard version, the PRO version of the console could be launched, as those at Microsoft want to launch next year two Xbox Scarlett console models.

A leak suggested that the console might be unveiled at an event called “PlayStation Meeting 2020“, but it remains to be seen if that will happen.

We are glad that this time the console will support resolutions up to 8K. The console will have an AMD Ryzen processor and a Radeon Navi-family GPU, but it will also have an SSD.

Surely the console will be successful due to the technology that will be included and the accessories that come with it. But we expect more official information from the company.

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