Google Streaming Platform

Google Streaming Platform

Google has proposed 2018 to be a year with new innovative projects, especially for young people under 21 years of age. Google has been working secretly for some time to build a social gaming network called Arcade. The new platform will have no connection with other social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Google has been providing financial and logistical support to technology-based entrepreneur Michael Sayman, only 21 years old, to launch and launch Arcade, a gaming platform independent of any other existing social network.

On this platform, users will be able to create an online account with only a valid phone number. According to Bloomberg, Arcade will be a network where gaming enthusiasts will be able to try out various games based on general knowledge and will only be targeted to games on the phone. Google may plan to expand trivia-type sessions where the network could allow millions of users to access the group; you can create a group with your friends, colleagues, school, work or family.

In the initial stages, Arcade games aim to be a self-contained social platform. In addition to gambling, it will also offer video chatting, link sharing and messaging.

Google is relatively new in the field of game development. Last year, the chief designer of the company resigned after being criticized and blamed by superiors for creating a video game. However, young Michael Sayman could turn things around Google into the gaming.

During high school, Sayman launched a photo-based 4Snaps game where players had to guess a word based on photos sent by their friends. Facebook took note of this exciting game and gave Sayman an internship. At the age of 19, he developed a Facebook app that turned profiles into videos. Later in August last year, Sayman left Facebook for Google.

In Google Area 120, Sayman is accustomed to receiving a budget to hire staff and funds for marketing, designing, and funding his own startup. If they succeed, the Google Area 120 starts and its ideas will be finalized in concrete projects in the company’s product line, then Google will continue to invest in its projects. If not, then Google will stop the project definitively.

Google Area 120 has already seen some new releases, such as Chatbase, Supersonics, but have been closed.

Google’s latest application 120 was Grasshopper. It has been developed as an adult game on the smartphone, all in order to learn basic coding easily. The content of this app consists of questionnaires and puzzles to help users become more familiar with coding principles.

In a report that appeared in The Information a few months ago, Google says it is working to launch a streaming games subscription that can be used by gamers via Chromecast devices or using the new consoles created by Google.

Google wants to develop the project led by two Google hardware directors, Mario Queiroz, vice president of product management, and MajdBakar, vice president of engineering, namely creating a game console and controller.

Meanwhile, Google is launching a new investment program for young companies who are trying to improve their hardware or Google Assistant features and provide financial resources, fast access to Google tools and features, and Google Cloud platforms.

So, we’re wondering if Arcade will not be related to Facebook or other platforms of this kind to really give you the possibility of virtual interaction between users. Does Google really want to compete with Facebook? Will it be another failure or a success? Waiting for the launch!

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  1. Phunk says:

    I don’t like where Google is putting their money, they should focus on what they have at this moment, like YouTube, Google Drive and their Phones.

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