About Twitch Company

About Twitch Company

The largest video streaming platform in the world was founded in 2011 by Twitch live streaming gaming company headquartered in San Francisco as part of the Justin. TV project that was later disbanded.The site focuses primarily on live streaming video games, including eSports contests, on creative content, and last but not least on music content. The site content can be viewed live or by video on demand.

On Twitch you can subscribe to a specific player’s channel and be up to date with your activity. If we are wondering what interest these players have to play LIVE from home on the internet, we have one answer. They can earn money from this because viewers can donate some money if they like it and if they really like the player.

Twitch has over 55 million monthly users using the platform to watch live video games and profile competitions, but also as a meeting place for discussion of common passion.

With the release of the new generation of video game consoles, Twitch services have also become available to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users. Twitch.Tv is the largest live video content site for video game enthusiasts, and the information that appeared some time ago in the international press assured YouTube to take over the platform, the Google Trust component.

So Twitch became a phenomenon worth $ 970 million, and Amazon’s online commerce company was willing to pay all this money for this platform.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, said that after this transaction, other entertainment services will be developed within the Twitch platform. Twitch is not just a simple streaming platform, twitch is also a way to promote video games and accessories in this area. The duel between Google and Amazon highlights the increasingly fierce rivalry of taking Twitch.tv to compete directly from storing cloud-based online data online advertising.

The Amazon-Twitch transaction was published on The Information website and was subsequently taken over by numerous publications and prestigious agencies (Reuters, Wall Street Journal).Amazon is already present on the video game market by Amazon Game Studios, which he strengthened earlier this year with the acquisition of the Double Helix Game Californian studio. Amazon also integrated online games on a decoder or TV, called Fire TV, released in the spring.

Twitch is definitely a winner. Both, Microsoft Company and Sony Company have promoted their services to Tweets in the gaming industry, both declaring that they have seen significant interest and strong adoption among users of the service.

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