All about PUBG

All about PUBG

The biggest and most sought-after fighting games have a complete version but still hopes for updates, weekly events, maps and new features.

PUBG, like the other games, is continually optimized and an early construction of a small map called Savage has already begun testing players and we are surprised that new vehicles and weapons will please the lovers of this game, as it has done for the most part of last year. In 2017 PUBG was the biggest phenomenon and will continue to be a major force in BR.

But what is PUBG? Battlegrounds is a multiplayer online game, a player action game, a competitive survival shooter in which up to one hundred players battle in a royal battle. Players can choose to fight alone or in a small team up to four. Players are thrown on an island from an airplane, in an open wide area, and must fight to death, avoiding to kill themselves. Players killed can be robbed for the purpose of acquiring the equipment. While this battlefield is shrinking, surviving players are forced to fight in smaller areas. The last person or last remaining team wins the match. At the end of each round, players earn money depending on how long they survived, how many players killed and how many were killed, but how much they had to suffer from other players. Money is used to buy cosmetic articles in order to customize the weapons, but also their own characters. Players can choose to play from either the first position, the thirdposition, each with its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of awareness of the battle and the situation exposed.

Battlegrounds have received positive feedback from critics both during the expansion period and the final launch. The game has received many awards and is considered to be the defining play of royal battles. Some video games added royal style fighting modes, even clones (China), influenced by the success of the Battlegrounds. PUGB Corporation has organized and developed several tournaments in which it has introduced gaming tools to help broadcast the game to the audience, so that they want to become popular eSport.

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